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Emotional Freedom Technique for Children - Abingdon Oxfordshire

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Empower – Enlighten – Transform

“It is easier to build up a child than repair an adult”

Frederick Douglass

Is your child feeling anxious and worried?

Do you want to give them the confidence to understand and manage their own feelings?

Young people and children run through emotions quickly and pick up conflicting messages from parents, teachers, peers and social media on a daily basis. If these messages go unresolved, they form limiting beliefs which a parent may not understand or be able to help them to deal with effectively. So how can you as a parent help your child overcome the countless worries they may have and also support them with stress and trauma?

The answer is tapping! This powerful therapy can empower children to deal with modern life and is profoundly simple to use, so simple that they can be taught how to use it with confidence for a variety of emotional issues such as: coping with the school day, releasing fears and anxieties, physical pain and past traumas.

Tapping sessions are tailored to meet their individual needs and may incorporate ‘picture tapping‘ and positive mindset work to help them feel confident to achieve whatever they set their minds to do.

A beautiful story that teaches the principles and application of tapping for children.

There will also be an opportunity for children to experience the aroma of essential oils to help calm emotions. Using essential oils for children can support their varied emotions and doTERRA has specifically designed oils to support children with their emotional wellbeing with blends called Rescuer, Stronger, Brave and Calm.

Schedule a session for your child today to find out how Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) can help and empower them to feel strong, brave and calm.

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Be strong. Be brave. Be calm.