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Stillness – Transform – Wellbeing

Take a deep breath, it calms the mind

Have you thought about the difference between mindful and mind-full?

Many people are adopting the practice of Mindfulness today and yet it is thousands of years old and is at the heart of the Buddhist meditation. It provides an alternative therapy to help manage the struggle that pervades much of daily life. Mindfulness has been shown to have a powerful influence on our health and wellbeing to help decrease anxiety, stress and depression.

The basis of Mindfulness is to cultivate an awareness of the present moment and using your breath as an anchor, to ground and to balance. Focusing your mind on the sensation of breathing will start the natural shift from Doing to Being and help maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts and feelings through a gentle and nurturing lens.

Mindfulness happens through accepting, observing and letting go whatever comes into the mind. It involves no force or struggle, just gently keeping the mind in the present moment. Mindfulness may also help you recognise your natural wisdom on the choices you make each day and focus on only those that matter the most.

My core belief is that every human being has a right to know their true nature of joy, wisdom, peace and spiritual enlightenment. Mindfulness will help you develop a practice that allows you to turn inwards and look inside yourself, to develop the joy of patience and being alone with yourself.

A practice that aligns with Mindfulness in many cultures is the use of essential oils to cleanse and purify the mind and create an atmosphere that is more conducive to mindfulness.

Smell is a powerful anchor.  As a qualified Aromatherapist, I can help you choose the right essential oil to calm your mind, bring awareness to the present moment, reduce the focus on negative thoughts and feelings, and have an experience that opens you fully to mindful meditation.

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Helping you to be still and calm your mind.