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Relax – Restore – Rejuvenate

Healthy feet are happy feet

Did you know your feet tell a story?

Amongst the world’s oldest depictions of medical practices are images of hand and foot reflexology. Egyptians, Babylonians and other ancient peoples considered it essential to step on sacred ground with bare feet to absorb the holy influences of Mother Earth.

Reflexology is a therapy that balances the whole body as the nerve endings throughout the body end in the feet and hands. Its main principle is that by massaging and applying pressure to parts of the feet or hands, known as ‘reflex areas’, other connecting areas of the body will feel the benefit.

If one area of the body is out of balance, then other areas will be. It encourages both relaxation and stimulation; the first helps the body rebuild its energy resources and recover from disease, whereas the second helps activate the circulatory and nervous system thus benefitting the whole body.

We all know that stress is part of life for most people, however, when your levels rise too high and cannot be alleviated, problems can set in. Reflexology can dissipate the stress of everyday life in a healthy way by resetting the body’s stress mechanism. Once this has been achieved Reflexology helps to make repairs and move you towards a state of well-being.

In reflexology, the feet and hands are like mini-maps of the body’s anatomy so any body system can be accessed and stimulated by massaging the corresponding area of the foot or hand.  Essential oils can also be used to enhance the treatment.

Treatments cost £45 per session. 

How essential oils are used to enhance foot reflexology

Reflexology chart for essential oils

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