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The Chakras - Seasons of Change

The Chakras

Calming – Connection – Wholeness

The Chakras

There are seven major energy centres in your body known as ‘chakras’ and they are found in numerous cultures and traditions around the world. Each of the chakras is connected to specific organs, glands, body systems and each chakra is also connected to a colour vibration frequency.

The seven main chakras are connected to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Each chakra energy centre is aligned along the spinal column and each one has its own intelligence centre. If you are experiencing an emotional, physical and spiritual imbalance you may need to bring in the colour vibration that resonates at the same frequency.

There are seven colours in the rainbow that are complementary to the seven energy colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Many body functions respond to or are challenged by light and colour. You need light energy to nourish your brain, your emotions, and your chakras.